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Hello, I’m Yannie

Thank you for dropping by. It is my heart’s desire to start a new chapter of my life to help women, like yourself, to level up their mindset & skill sets so that they can achieve breakthroughs and build legacies to impact the next generation.

After going through several years of undealth grief, I find myself in a zombie-like state. I didn’t have any purpose in life and went about my day to day on an automatic mode.
Through divine appointments, I finally took the step of faith to let go of all my fears and started to rebuild my life with my daughters. At the same time, I had clarity for my business and was focused to pivot the brand to ride out the challenges and difficult environment we were facing.

Today, with my framework of Lead, Speak & Serve, women will be empowered to build their legacies for their family, career and business.

The Time is NOW!!
Build Your Legacy With Love

Speak With Life

Be empowered with our choice of words, the tone of voice and the intentions that comes with it.

Speak life in everything that you do and see the start of growth and changes.

Lead With Confidence

Be filled with confidence as you lead your family, team and business into the future.

Servant-leadership is the key to create a lasting legacy.

Serve With Love

Be filled with a heart of love as you help others in their journey of growth and success.

Serve others to build a better tomorrow for the next generation to impact.

Let’s Hear From Them!

"I envision her to be a godly force influencing millions, and highly recommend her for any conference that aims to impact women."

Yannie has an amazing personal story waiting to burst into the world and impact many women like her. The more crises she faces, the stronger she becomes. She has a unique combination of a loving mother (of 4 girls!), a smart businesswoman, and an inspirational keynote speaker.

Eugene Seah
Abundance Coach

A generous & big hearted woman

Although I was in the same networking session with Yannie two years ago, our paths didn’t crossed until I was invited to her Facebook Live on ROS Fashion Chanel. Although it was the first time we met, I was blown away by her easy going nature, generosity and the happy vibes she exudes.

Through her fashion brand, I realised that I have “closed” myself for many years because of my past experiences. That behaviour manifested in the way I chose my clothes and colours.

Today, I am thankful to Yannie for helping me breakthrough that emotional blockage and empowering me to embracing my life’s journey.


Julia Chong
Coach, Holistic Personal Branding

"No words to describe how much Yannie’s determination and resilience"

No wonder she survived the pandemic and her (business) Ros is celebrating her 24th anniversary. Keep inspiring and impacting more entrepreneurs Yannie.

Herman Susanto
Abundance Coach

"Yannie's approach of a win-win situation makes me appreciate her even more."

She is such a natural in hosting her shows, complementing my style of talking and making me feel good about myself whilst being interviewed by her. So when Yannie invited me to her FB live show again this year, I said yes in a heartbeat. Once again, she supported me even more in getting many copies of my books and asking me questions that made me feel empowered and inspired. Her professionalism and engaging style just grow by leaps and bounds every time I talk to her. I am sure that Yannie will continue to outdo herself in many ways for many years to come! Yannie, you are a Warrior!

Maxine Teo
Founder of Global Max Academy

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